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Is Your Dlink Not Connecting To Internet? Learn Effective Ways To Solve The Issue

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Are you worried about the Dlink not connecting issue? Then, leave it aside, and follow the context of this article. This article will guide you with helpful information regarding the no connection issue of the Dlink router. After studying this article till the end, you can fix the glitch in an efficient manner.

Dlink is one of the commonly used brands of routers available around the globe. It provides a great experience to its users, both in the terms of security and network range. Along with the good experiences, some of the users at times have a bitter experience, that is not connecting to the internet issue of the Dlink router.

If this is the case, then studying this article will make you efficient to fix the glitch. It is advised to read the methods completely, before trying them.

Factors Responsible for Dlink Not Connecting to the Internet:

After proper research work,  the experts concluded that the problem arises due to the following reasons. Hence, take a look at them to know the reasons and then eliminate them accordingly:

  • A network conflict
  • Outdated network drivers
  • The Dlink router is not correctly configured

How to Fix the Dlink Router Not Connecting to Internet Issue?

To solve the Dlink not connecting glitch, you can try the below-explained methods. Here, we have arranged only the methods with the applications of which many of the users have already got a positive result is solving the issue. Try the methods one by one as arranged below:

Method 1: Connect with the Dlink Network Manually

If you are using the WiFi network connection and is unable to connect with the Dlink router. In that case, to resolve the matter, you need to follow the instructions as stated below.

This kind of problem arises if your PC gets a stronger network signal of the surrounding available network services, which was used earlier. If this is the case, then to fix the glitch you need to follow the instructions as explained below. Try the steps without wasting your time.

  1. At first, move the mouse pointer onto the WiFi network symbol, that is generally located near the time and date section. After that, click on it.
  2. Further, from the available networks under the window, select your Dlink router option, at first.
  3. After that, if you have already saved a password for the Dlink connection, then you need to put the exact password on the field to get connected with the internet.
  4. And lastly, click on OK

After following the above steps if you get the issue resolved then fine, or else try the below methods.

Method 2: Update Network Drivers

An outdated network driver can affect badly to the network connection, and thus results in the connection problem.  If this is the case, then to fix the matter you need to update the network driver. And the steps to follow to update the network driver are as follows:

  1. At first, press down the Windows button along with the letter R, to get the Run bar open.
  2. Then, on the run bar type devmgmt.msc.
  3. After that, click on the OK button.
  4. Now, from the Device Manager window navigate to the Network adapters section.
  5. Double-click on Network adapters to expand the list.
  6. Then, from the expanded list, right-click on the network driver you used to connect to the Dlink router.
  7. After that, from the menu window, select Update Driver Software…
  8. Next, on the screen, you will get the “How do you want to search for driver software?” window open, with two different options, and are as follows:
  • Search automatically for updated driver software
  • Browse my computer for driver software
  1. Click on Search automatically for updated driver software, this will automatically browse the internet for the recent updates. However, if you already have an updated network adapter file, then select Browse my computer for driver software.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to update the Network driver successfully. Once the update is successfully done, restart your PC and reconnect to the Dlink router to check if the issue gets resolved.

Method 3: Confirm the Cable Status and the Network Status are Connected

After trying the above methods, if still, the Dlink not connecting issue persists, then try this one. A few of the users who are left with the issue after trying the above methods are able to fix the issue with these below steps.

Step 1: Login into Your Dlink Account

To process this method, at first, you need to connect the Dlink router with your PC. After that, check the IP address of the router. The steps to know your router address are explained in the further section. After knowing your router IP address, enter that, onto the browser address bar. And then, tap the Enter button. After pressing the Enter button, wait until the login page of the Dlink gets loaded completely.

Now, on the login page of the Dlink router, fill up the Username and Password fields, with the appropriate details. If you have not changed the details, then as the default you need to fill up the Username field as admin and keep the Password field blank. And lastly, click on the login button.

However, in case, if you have forgotten the password which was set and unable to login to your account. In that case, you need to hard reset the Dlink router. To learn the steps of how to hard reset the Dlink router click on this link.

Know the IP Address of your Dlink Router

Firstly, press down the Windows button along with the letter R, to get the Run bar window open. Next, type cmd on the Run bar. After that, click on OK. Now, as the black background Command Prompt window open, type ipconfig on it. Further, press down the Enter button to load the Dlink IP address information on the Command Prompt window. Go to the Default Gateway section of the loaded information. The number which is present beside the Default Gateway is the IP address of your Dlink router. Note down the IP address, for further steps to log in to your Dlink account.

Step 2: Ensure Both the Cable and Network Status are Shown Connected

After login into your Dlink account, select the Status tab. Now, under the Status page, scroll down to the WAN/ Internet section. Here, you need to ensure that both the Cable Status and Network Status are shown Connected. If any of the statuses shows that it is disconnected, then you need to follow the further instructions to solve the matter.

How to Fix Cable Status?

If the Cable Status is shown Disconnected, then it indicates that there is an error in the cabling of the router. Hence, you need to take the help of the manual which comes with the router to learn the cable positions which to connect where. However, sometimes the error arises due to the defect ethernet cable. If the wiring is OK though you get the Disconnected status of Cable then you need to replace the ethernet cable with a new one. Then, the Cable Status must be shown as Connected.

How to Fix Network Status?

In case, if the Network Status is shown Disconnected, then the fix for it is as follows: At first, restart both the router and the PC. Then, check the Network Status by following the above procedures, is it shown Connected or not. And if not, then next click on the Setup tab of your Dlink login page.

After that, click on the Manual Internet Connection Setup button, which is present under the Manual Internet Connection Options section. Then, you need to set My Internet Connection is: as Dynamic IP (DHCP), if you are using the Cable Internet Service.

In case, if you are using the DSL Internet Service, then you need to set My Internet Connection is: as PPPoE (Username/Password). After that, under the PPOE Internet Connection Type section, you need to ensure the following fields. If the details are not known to you, then you need to contact your ISP for the information.

  • Address Mode
  • IP Address
  • User Name
  • Password
  • Verify Password

After doing this task save the changes, and then restart your PC and the router. Next, check if the issue gets resolved. Most probably, your answer to this is Yes.

All these are the tested methods of fixing the Dlink not connecting matter. Hopefully, one of the methods will work in your case as well. It is better to spend some efforts in solving any matter, rather than worrying. You can also take professional help as well for better guidance.


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